Iulia Enkelana: Greatings from (F)East

[Punishment or PunStory]

Maybe the East is a just a feast. Maybe not.
I am part of a wonderfool generation, which is more of a generection.
The atmosfear of our times is quite strange. And at times a bit sad(ic).
There are plenty of (t)errors.
We live in a new (chim)Era.
We live in EuRope, so we have a European Onion. Even so, there are still a few nutsis left.
We have been under dicktatorship.
We know some things about mis(t)ery.
But let’s not get empathetic.
Is there any evolution in ‘revolution’?
We have been in exille.
We admire Amerryca, even if it’s not so merry all the time.

Does nowhere mean now, here?
We dream of success, although it often means suckcess, or even suckstress.
There is ex in next.
We are pretty melalcoholic and nostal(ler)gic.
We drink tekilla.
We work part time or fool time.
We pay fucktures.
We read the prass every day.
We also read the daily horrorscope.
We take a lot of photos of ourselves and we are selfiesh.
We use anti-social networks.
Is history just a story?
We are surrounded by manifests and moneyfests. Moneyfacts. Or Moneyfeasts.
We can certainly make the (in)difference.
We invent heroes, such as Irony Man or Betman and we love them (and truly believe in them).
We are politically correct. In the meantime (or in the kindtime), we are morally incorrect.
We became awww-ful.
From where could I buy a new iReality? Internet, Younternet…?
I want to move to a different reality. Live in one of the fairytales. Such as Sinderella.
We sometimes think about mor(t)ality.
We understand. And overstand.
We make neuroillogical analysis at the hopespital.
We love fashion and not fashioff.
We rock, but sometimes we pop or we classic.
We tend to see a sort of ‘key’ in ‘whiskey’.
We smOKe. Or sm-not-OK-e.
We often have insoMania. We take pills.
We are native naives. We are na(t)ives.
We dream of Hellywood.
And other places, we love to travel. To sufFrance, Londoff / Lonedon, Bearlin / Beerlin, Warsaw (that saw war), No(r)way, Sweetzerland…
There is anger in ‘stranger’.
Hotels are sometimes coldels.
Can you see the rest in arrest?
We quite like metawhores. We appreciate (f)art.
We are sometimes infantile, ridicoolous.
We like clichés and silly quotes about liefe.
Are you originally correct?
Pity we often forget that inspiration is not inspirace.

But we are optimystic.
We have a certain soulitude.
We believe and (not) beleave.
We occasionally remember about the realife.
We see the read in ‘bread’, the right in ‘bright’ and the art in ‘smart’. And in heart.
We are poethic. We write poetry… although it is often just poetry. We are poetrying.
We love writing and righting. Think about it.
We are satirIQ from time to time.
We know that justice is not just-ice.
We like es-says and not es-shut-ups.
This scene may be seen as a sin.
I don’t mean it. I kind it.
We will always pay out philosofee for this.

I have to polish my English… and to english my Polish.

In the end, I’d love to say that the wor(l)d is a such a beautiful gift & creation; it’s a funtastic place.



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